Prada Baroque Sunglasses

The iconic PRADA Baroque Sunglasses feature a glamorous oversized round front with scroll swirl temples. Celebrities and trend setters have made this sunglass popular around the world.  Prada Baroque Sunglasses are ranked #1 for the most iconic sunglasses of all time by ELLE magazine. This style was designed by Muccia Prada herself and is critically acclaimed for its innovative design and classic shape.

Here you will find an incredible assortment of Prada Baroque Sunglasses and Baroque eyeglasses. Choose from Limited Edition Prada Ornate Baroque jeweled sunglasses or the Iconic PR 27NS.  

Own a pair of these fabulous Sunglasses from a this world-renowned fashion leader which is synonymous with an understated elegance that has always anticipated, and often dictated new trends.